Since our inception we have helped thousands of businesses cut shipping and logistics cost by up to 70% off of the market rates. Additionally, our freight audit, sourcing, warehousing and fulfillment, pier trucking and other services provide customers with increased revenue and more time on their hands to conduct their business. With over three decades of shipping and logistics experience, our staff is from the most skilled, professional and knowledgeable in the entire industry. Our offices in NEW YORK, NEW JERSEY, and CALIFORNIA, allow us to work in sync with clients from across the globe. We work with clients from Hong Kong to London, Tel Aviv to Dallas, Los Angeles to Beijing  and many more shipping and business hubs. We’ve secured rates for clients in a variety of industries and businesses. Publishers, clothing manufactures, electronic conglomerates and many others have seen what THE SPL GROUP can do. In addition, we enjoy close contacts and relationships with the leading carriers in the field, which in turn, allows us to offer our clients significants savings. Our staff is well versed and acclimated with the intricacies of the shipping and logistics world, enabling our clients to feel at ease that they are receiving the highest level of service. It is our philosophy that we must work vigilantly to make our customers satisfied and enable them to conduct their business in a more affordable and cost effective manner.