An integral part most businesses is their ability to ship merchandise with as little issues as possible. However, on occasion a carrier will err when trying to deliver on their promise. Due to the current system in place, when infractions occur your invoice does not always reflect the discount you are entitled to. Enter, THE SPL GROUP auditing service. Our agents comb through your monthly invoices and shipments to determine if you were charge incorrectly. A delayed shipment, pricing error, customs delay, weather delay and lost shipments are just some of the details we review to ensure that you are not being charged in contractions to what you specified. In addition, a common delinquency found amongst shipments is an overcharge on package dimensions. In some cases carriers are charging customers over double what they really owe due to a miscalculation on the carriers’ part. Simply put; you are paying for something you did not receive.  Over $ billion nationwide goes unaudited annually. Do not allow your business to be part of this annual statistic. We are from the leading auditing services in the nation and are proud to have secured millions of dollars in refunds for our clients.