Shipping Rates

The cornerstone of THE SPL GROUP is our shipping rates service. With years of experience in the shipping arena our agents represent our clients to the leading carriers in the industry to obtain the lowest rates possible. We work diligently with our clients to ascertain their shipping needs so as to ensure the best possible approach. Our agents thoroughly review a client’s past shipping needs and future shipping projections. After we have become familiar with a client’s needs we provide a thorough analysis and comprehensive list detailing the NEW reduced rates that the client will receive moving forward. Specializing in both domestic and international shipping, THE SPL GROUP has the ability to reduce shipping costs to large percentages off the listed and previously quoted prices.

What sets THE SPL GROUP apart are our strong relationships with the leading carriers in the industry. Companies such as  DHL, UPS, FEDEX, TNT, know and respect us for our ability to represent our clients and bring them the rates and quality of service that have become our trademark. In addition, our shipping software helps clients track, maintain and formulate shipments in a seamless and timely manner.