Our global sourcing division connects businesses with manufacturers from across the globe. Product sourcing can be a time consuming and resource-draining effort. At THE SPL GROUP we eliminate the unknowns from choosing a factory abroad. We provide our clients with explicit details and thorough research on each factory  we work with. Once a Purchase Order  is received by our clients they send it directly to us and we work together with our factory partners to fill the order. Our clients receive their products at the most efficient and high quality standard in the whorl. Our network of factories is completely at our clients’ disposal and THE SPL GROUP assists the client throughout the entire process. We ensure that the product you wish for is produced to your exact specifications and the quality level is a bar none. We work with our partners in the U.S.A., ASIA, INIDA and SOUTH AMERICA to find you the right fit and bring your business the product and quality that it seeks.